Site locators are professionals who will tell you how to solve your vending needs.

Site locators will offer you a vending solution with diverse options to choose from. Once they secure your business, they sell it to a vending machine operator who will provide the machines and support service.

Office space

The amount they charge for locating machines on your premises ranges from $500 -$1000 for a single machine to $2,000-$10,000 for multiple machines. The price is usually determined by the number of people on site.

office space with employees

Once your site has been sold, you will be dealing with a new separate entity. Delivery and commission, vending machines and service is in the hands of an operator chosen by them.

The site locator will be gone and may have no influence over the operator he sold your site to.





Your office $$$$$$

Factory——————site locator————sells your site to vending machine

Warehouse operator

The alternative to using the services of a site locator is to negotiate with a full-service vending provider from the beginning.

When you choose a vending service, you go to considerable effort to choose who bests suits your requirements. You are choosing them. With a site locator you will end up with an unknown operator.

There is an advantage starting the process with an operator who is going to own and operate the business into the future.

They will have to deliver what they promise. You will have direct contact with the owners and operators on an ongoing basis into the future.

When it comes to vending machines, we offer the healthiest choices, backed up with first class service.

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