In life, opportunities are everywhere if you know where to look. Vending services are no different. The right vending services on site can be great for worker morale and retention. Also, profit sharing on in-house vending machines can even be an excellent source of side income for a business, if you have the right partner.

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Take note of these tips when choosing a vendor.

You should never pay a fee to have vending services on your property.

If your vendor wants to charge you a leasing fee, look elsewhere. A quality vending service should place machines on your premises without installation or lease fees. In fact, high traffic locations that are very profitable should offer revenue sharing. Instead of paying to have a machine, you get paid.

Foods in the machines should fit modern tastes.

More and more people are trying to eat right. In the past, this meant giving the office vending machines a miss. However, newer options can include both traditional and healthy snacks. According to one industry leader, healthy snacks are the fastest growing vending sector. These snacks can even be presented in separate dedicated machines so that folks who are watching what they eat know they can visit the vending machines without temptation.

Healthy offerings are a must.

When you offer healthy choices that include low-sodium options, sugar free drinks and snacks and even organic and whole food choices, people in your building are more likely to buy. With the range of healthy snack foods that are out there now, there are a ton of options that can make people happy.

Keep up with user requests.

The beauty of a vending machine is that you are able to change the offerings easily. Use a suggestion sheet so that people can ask for their favoured snacks. When you stock the snacks that individuals in the area really want, you can keep them happy while increasing vending sales.

Have some well-known names.

While there is no need for every offering to be well-known and popular, having some major brands helps gain traffic and sales. Include brands like Kettle, Schweppes, Pepsi, Coke and Nestle so that your visitors get a chance to buy their preferred brands.

Pick a high traffic area.

There are machines that fit entryways, break rooms, hallways and other spaces easily. Watch carefully to see which areas get the most traffic. Good placement can make a massive difference in how much traffic and profit the vending machine can acquire, and how useful it is to the people in your building. Experiment with a few areas to see which one works best.

Pick a highly responsive vendor.

A vending machine doesn’t do you or the people in your building any good if it’s always empty, dirty or broken. Pick a vending service that is easily reached by email or phone at any time of the day. Choosing someone who will take your business seriously means that machines on your site are making money and not taking up space. The vendor you choose should allow you to have direct access to the owner and management. This assures you that your voice will be heard if there is a problem or if you want to change the machine placement and its contents.

Look for exceptional customer service.

You want a vending service that is happy to have you as a partner and willing to go above to address your needs. You should be able to reach representatives from the vending service easily. There should be no issues with the cleanliness of the machines. You should be able to get repairs and replacements quickly and without any hassle.

Your vending service should not leave you on the hook.

If you are the machine owner, you have to deal with public liability from the machines, the cost of replacement if they are broken, damages from workers and even complete losses in fire or natural disasters. Instead, deal with a company that owns the machines and handles all insurance issues. This leaves you free to benefit from the snacks and payments.

Adding vending services to your property means that workers and visitors have many on-site snack and drink options, which helps to keep them happy. Popular machines can even mean a bit of income for the sites that host them. By choosing your vending service well, you can increase your cash flow while keeping people on site and enjoying quality snacks.

When it comes to vending machines, we offer the healthiest choices, backed up with first class service.

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